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Re: Multiple Mediums on Paper

Postby Cactusdan » Thu Aug 13, 2015 4:14 pm

Glad to see you got this one finished up :)

Neat that they hung it up too!

What kind of paints were you using?

A little fellow artist tip: I'd paint in single colors at a time from the furthest back, to front.

So with this one I would have done: the blue of the sky first, then the black for bg, then the green for grass, Skin tone, Green bottle, Red demon, yellow sun, blue star.

Then once you have the colors laid down, I'd go in with the details, doing the largest chunks first (i.e. the largest sections of shading/lighting first and then the hi/lo-lights(reflections, skin folds, etc)

Sorry if any of that sounds incoherent, haha

Any plans for a next piece?

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