Robert Boyle's Water Technique and Hydroponic Garden

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Robert Boyle's Water Technique and Hydroponic Garden

Postby fridagarden » Tue Feb 24, 2015 6:03 am


I'm planning on setting up my own hydroponic garden using the A-Stand design (picture below)
and combine it with Robert Boyle's Self Flow Water Flask design for the water pump.


I just thought that using this kind of system will eliminate the need for electricity to pump the water back
at the top of the A-Stand.

Here's a video about perpetual motion machines, the first one is Robert Boyle's own design, its what I'm planning to use:

I'm going to use a large container for the water and a bit higher than the garden itself, the hose below it will need space. And in a few weeks, I'm going to let you guys know if this is a success or not.

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