Oregon Coast Agate and Fossil Trek

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Oregon Coast Agate and Fossil Trek

Postby PoC » Thu Nov 26, 2015 3:27 pm

Took a trip to the Oregon coast between Lincoln City and Newport with Dan the other day. We beach combed like mad - from about noon one day to dark and the next day was from early morning until past dark. Here's the pics:

Anemones in the tide pools
IMG_4613 (Large).JPG

IMG_4614 (Large).JPG

This hole in the rock was set up like a sink
IMG_4616 (Large).JPG

A general idea of what it looked like in the area
IMG_4618 (Large).JPG

IMG_4619 (Large).JPG

IMG_4635 (Large).JPG

Random fossils or bits of fossils could be seen poking up through the bedrock and in boulders
IMG_4622 (Large).JPG

IMG_4625 (Large).JPG

IMG_4626 (Large).JPG

IMG_4628 (Large).JPG

IMG_4631 (Large).JPG

IMG_4624 (Large).JPG

Some fossils were lodged in sandy and fragile stones such as this shell
IMG_4630 (Large).JPG

IMG_4643 (Large).JPG

The agates I collected
IMG_4646 (Large).JPG

A couple fossilized spiral-shaped shells
IMG_4647 (Large).JPG

Assortment of imprints, fossils, and rocks I just liked that I brought home
IMG_4649 (Large).JPG

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